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Calcium Filler Masterbatches

Shivam Polychem offers Filler masterbatches are concentrates of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) or Talc in a polymer base. They offer a convenient way of incorporating CaCO3 and Talc in thermoplastics without contamination by dust. They have perfect dispersion and optimized flow properties ensuring easy processing. The CaCO3 and talc grades used in our filler masterbatches are of excellent quality allowing much higher loading compared to conventional filler masterbatches.

Main Characteristics of Masterbatch

Symbol of the plastic processing industry, masterbatches are composed of the high concentration of pigments and balancers of characteristics expected in part. However, believing that just these properties can ensure the future of your mastering industry is a risky act. In search of new niches, companies of the branch believe that the future of the masterbatch is much more than simple tonalizantes and homogenizadores.


From aspects ranging from silk paper to marble, large companies like Cromex and Promaster believe in masterbatch as an alternative to common materials. Faced with market options, plastics have advantages in terms of sustainability, price and production processes, as well as guaranteeing visual and tactile characteristics that are very similar to the real ones.


As explained in this content, developing differentiated colors to catch the attention of end buyers is a demand of the mysteries. An exotic color in the packaging may be the differential for a product to be carried or not by the consumer. With this, neon or fluorescent pigments are indicated for parts where the aesthetic appeal is important, as in toys, household, and disposable items.


With a more sophisticated formulation, masterbatches with anti-static properties are widely used in consumer electronics. This special feature allows parts to be wrapped in the machine without any interference.


In addition to being resistant to the sun's rays, guaranteeing greater time of use even outdoors, and this type of plastic also has the characteristic of not degrading in the presence of sulfur, chemical element quite present in livestock and agriculture and with great outputs for this sector.


There is a wide range of plastic equipment that must be careful with the contamination of bacteria, especially when we take into account the risks of cross-contamination. Kitchen utensils, clinical equipment, hospital and pet line are just a few examples. What do you think about offering this functionality more to its consumers? It is no doubt good functionality of masterbatch.

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PP Filler Masterbatches Applications

Raffia Tape
PE Carry/Shopping bags
Blow Molding
Injection Molding

Key Advantages

Cost Reduction
Improves printability and rigidity.
Imparts slip properties
Enhance tear resistance
Increases the Output.
Reduces fibrillation and
splitting tendency on tapes
under mechanical stress

Among main benefits of calcium carbonate concentrates are cost savings, productivity gains, better products quality and environmental advantages.

What is calcium carbonate filler masterbatch?

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) filler masterbatch or filler master batch is a concentrated mixture of calcium carbonate and other additives which is processed through a heat process into a carrier polymer resin such as PP , LD , LLDPE, or other which is then cooled and cut into granules (pellets) making CaCO3 masterbatch a solid additive for plastics. Opaque Filler /Milky Filler Masterbatches are Calcium Carbonate based Filler Masterbatches for Raffia Tapes (woven sacks), lamination, Moulding, Blown film.

Usage of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

  •    RAFFIA TAPES :- A wide range of fillers for raffia is offered by us for different applications
  •    HDPE & PP,Low/High denier Fabric.
  •    Lino Bags
  •    FIBC
  •    Tarpaulins
  •    Blown Film:-Used to make liners/carry bags opaque, increase strength and allows loading upto 60%
  •    Furniture:- Compound of strength and economic results
  •    Blow moulding:- For containers,barrels and other articles.
  •    Injection Moulding


The main use of filler masterbatches lies in tapes, which is to provide anti-fibrillation (also known as anti-splitting) properties. There are other advantages as

  •    Higher stiffness
  •    Easier processing
  •    Improved weaving ability
  •    Improved anti-blocking properties
  •    Improved weld ability and printability
  •    Reduction of white masterbatch requirement
  •    Lower raw materials cost, as they are more economic than polymer resins.

Useful effect of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches

Calcium carbonate masterbatch alone is normally not used for coloring plastics and, thus, is different from white masterbatches and color masterbatches. However when used together with white TiO2 based masterbatch it not only increases whiteness due to its natural color but also facilitates white pigment dispersion in the polymer matrix contributing to higher opacity.

  •    Calcium carbonate concentrates usually contain from 60% to as high as 90% of CaCO3 in the polymer matrix and are commonly based on polyolefin (PE or PP) resins, though other polymers (PS, EPS, ABS etc.) can be filled as well.
  •    Calcium carbonate filler masterbatches is the most effective cost-saving solution for worldwide plastic processors.
  •    CaCO3 filler masterbatch not only cuts down plastic production costs by replacing a part of virgin polymer during extrusion, injection and blow molding, but also increases output, improves production conditions as well as a number of physical and chemical properties of finished plastic products.
  •    Today advanced calcium carbonate concentrates not only fill but also impart other properties to (improve) plastics. In this case they rather act as functional additives than simply common fillers, and may be referred to as additive masterbatches.


Benefits of Masterbatches

  •    The use of masterbatches is extremely profitable. They color the polymers and also help the plastic manufacturing companies to save a good amount.
  •    Easy to use, guarantee a healthy and dirt-free production, eliminating the health risk implied by the use of powder pigments.
  •    The amount of waste produced is minimized when masterbatches are used for production.
  •    Today Unlike using powdered pigments, masterbatches do not have a trial and error method and can easily achieve the desired color with total security

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