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Filler Masterbatches

  • Filler masterbatch is the solution that helps plastics manufacturers save their manufacturing costs of finished products. Shivam plastic fillers are made of calcium carbonate, caco3, with virgin polymer for its application in the manufacture of plastic products. Shivam fillers help improve the physical and mechanical properties of the final products. Shivam plastic produces and provides various types of taical fillers such as taical filler pe, pp, hips, and transparent taical or talc filler.

  • In the manufacturing process, plastics contain small amounts of other materials, such as emulsifiers stearates, zinc, oils , polymers and catalysts. With the aim of converting them into granulates and molding compounds, and during the manufacturing process and formulation, plastics usually receive small amounts of additives, which facilitate their transformation or modify their properties.

  • Masterbatch is a plastic compound of one or more additives in high concentration used in segments of the plastic transformation industry (blowing, injection, extrusion, roto molding, thermoforming and laminating) in resins or mixtures as a color additive and concentration balancer.

  • Masterbatches are not only produced to color the plastic. The products are prepared for different characteristics according to their use in several areas, such as agriculture, hygiene, health, leisure, as well as industrial applications in various sectors.

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    Filler Masterbatches usage in different industry

    Raffia Tape
    PE Carry/Shopping bags
    Blow Molding
    Injection Molding

    Benefits of using filler masterbatch in plastic industry

    Cost Reduction
    Improves printability and rigidity.
    Imparts slip properties
    Enhance tear resistance
    Increases the Output.
    Reduces fibrillation and
    splitting tendency on tapes
    under mechanical stress

    Among main benefits of calcium carbonate concentrates are cost savings, productivity gains, better products quality and environmental advantages.

    Types of Applications for the Masterbatch in plastic industry

    Masterbatch for polyethylene (PE)

    We design masterbatch for all types of polyethylene: linear (LLDPE), low density (LDPE), high density (HDPE). We select adequately the pigments and additives to meet the requirements of the final piece: the thermal resistance, the resistance to light and weather, the colorimetric requirements, the price-quality ratio, are factors that our specialized technical staff take care to design a custom-made product We design products for bags, film, boxes, toys ...

    Masterbatch for Polypropylene (PP)

    Polypropylene, like polyethylene, is one of the most used plastics for the manufacture of a multitude of pieces: bags, boxes, straps, household items, etc. We have an extensive variety of masterbatch for polypropylene, for any sector and for any type of piece. Masterbatches with universal base and polypropylene base are suitable for a wide variety of processes that require good dispersion and good homogeneity.

    Masterbatch for ABS

    ABS, is one of the most used engineering plastics and that gives the final piece, specific physical properties such as a very good impact resistance, is a hard and rigid material with low degree of water absorption masterbatch for ABS both in universal base and in ABS base alter as little as possible the intrinsic properties of this material, providing a wide range of colors and additives, with a total compatibility between plastic resin and pigments or additives.

    Cleaning in Manufacturing Processes

    Due to the fact that the powder pigment is encapsulated inside a plastic support, no element of the manufacturing process will be contaminated with dust during the application or dosage of the masterbatch. During the manufacturing process of the masterbatch, the work areas are kept clean and in optimal conditions, this is really important in sectors where, either by company policies or manufacturing process requirements, exempt work areas is required of environmental dust.

    Masterbatch Industry filling to accelerate the breakdown

    At the beginning of the eighties of the century, the plastic field is not basically masterbatch this idea; with the progress of the plastics industry, masterbatch gradually in the plastic field. The plastic masterbatch is a concentrate made by adding the plastic additive to the resin in an excessive amount. When the plastic product is manufactured, it is not necessary to add the plastic auxiliary agent, but only the corresponding masterbatch can be added. Therefore, it is one of the most important forms of plastic auxiliaries in the world today. Its advantages are a simple process, easy to use, easy to achieve the automation of production, improve labor productivity, but also to avoid environmental pollution; it is conducive to the health of clean and civilized production workers.


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