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Black Masterbatches

We (Shivam Polychem) are the leading Black Masterbatches Manufacturer in India. Our black masterbatch are backed by global technical support which is major market needs. Our R&D department makes continuous effort to improve and enhance the quality of Product. We as Black Masterbatches Manufacturer uses 50% of black carbon content which makes it suitable to use as black pigment in so many plastic applications. There are also various combinations are used to make different grades of Black masterbatch. We offer our product for various industries like agricultural, packaging, textiles, electronics, and nonwovens, wire & cable, automotive and construction.

These black masterbatches are available in industry as per different requirements of our customers including conductivity, UV protection, and jetness & soon in the end products. We are dedicatedly assembling & supplying Black Masterbatch for Plastic Industry. The scope of added substances wanted execution and standards, it utilized as part of bundling, automotives & material commercial enterprises. We Black Masterbatches Manufacturer and these types of Black master batches are preferred because of its high surface area. And it also increases or decrease depending upon the particle size. Our major application areas of black master batch are blow molding, injection molding, HDPE pipes and mono filaments.

We at shivam work to cater different black masterbatch industry and also enhancing our capacity to cater the world.

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Black Masterbatches Applications

Thin films (20 microns)
Thick films and Sheet Extrusion
Pipes and irrigation Laterals
Polyester Staple Fiber
Non-Woven Fabrics
Automotive applications
PET sheet
Roto Molding/Injection Molding/Blow

Advantages of Black Masterbatches

  • High brightness and shining
  • Finest diffusion with polymer
  • No issues of bloom
  • Cost Effective
  • Latest Technologies
  • High Opacity
  • More wheatherability properties
  • Black Masterbatches Features

    Excellent dispersion
    Durability against extreme
    weather conditions
    Electro-static conductive
    Food contact acceptable
    Super Jet blacks
    Easy flow/Low viscosity
    Highly loaded products
    up to 55%
    Custom masterbatches and
    Based on PE, PP, EVA, PET, PS and
    universal polymers

    We are also leading exporter of black masterbatches around the world black masterbatch manufacturer in india , black masterbatch manufacturer in Delhi.


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