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Antiblock Masterbatches

Antiblock Masterbatches are widely used across various industries. It is a combination of Special additives for efficient antiblock . Antiblock masterbatch reduces or eliminates blocking/sticking of polymeric films.

Antiblock Masterbatch has its prime importance in enhancing the anti- block and lubricant properties in PP and PE products. This type of additive masterbatch is formulated from an accurate composition of silica and amide additives. These are highly recommended to facilitate easy and flexible packaging of mono or multilayer blown films. It generally, prevents the extruded films from sticking together, thus increasing the speed of packaging and winding up process.

Blocking is an undesirable attraction between adjacent layers of film or sheet, often making it difficult to the separate individual layers. Certain polymers including, polyolefins and polyesters have an inherent tendency to block.

We are a Leading Antiblock masterbatch manufacturer in india and Also Leading Exporter of Antiblock masterbatch.Blocking can occur during extrusion, conversion processes or during storage. Blocking can reduce packing efficiencies on automated and manual packing lines as it causes for example bags to be more difficult to open and stacks of thermoformed trays harder to separate.

Antiblocking additives can be added to the plastic to minimise this adhesion and so lower the blocking force between layers. Once compounded into a plastic these additives create a micro rough surface which reduces the adhesion between film layers and lowers the blocking tendency.

Two factors determine the antiblocking effect as number of particles of antiblock at the film surface. and size of the antiblock particles.

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Features of Antiblock Masterbatches

Increases output of
Reduces friction between
Facilitates winding-up
of films
Maintain smoothness on
the surface
Reduces adhesion of
plastic products
Regulates the slip and
antistatic properties
Allows smooth unwinding and
slitting of the reels
Composed of highly pure and
ultra refined silica
and amide additives

Antiblock Masterbatches Applications:

Steam beads bags
Extruded products
Blow Molding
Injection Molding
Casting process
PE, PP, blown film products


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